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    Mengol's Monsters for AD&D features original, home-made monsters suitable for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. The monsters are written up in the expanded 2nd-edition format, but all other rules are assumed to be 1st-edition.

    Take a monster, add a monster
    Any monsters to share? Send me your hungry, your bloodthirsty, your poor huddled masses yearning to devour souls. All monsters must be at least 18 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Send your original monsters to: Please do not copy this site. Feel free to link.

    Obligatory Legal Boilerplate Mumbo-Jumbo:
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is the property of Hasbro and shall not be used for profit or in vain by anyone but a licensed dealer or notary public. Please do not distribute this for pay or on any site carrying paid advertising. All monsters within were made up by Randal Svea, except for the eochsar, fear stalker, and ice wraith, which were co-written with J.W. Essick. All monsters are strictly fictional and bear no resemblance to any monsters living or undead.
    For more information about monsters, visit your public library, or go to the Wizards of the Coast website at: