Black crystal golem Door golem
Floor golem Mercury golem
Mirror golem Voodoo doll golem
Wall golem

Golem heart:
   This heart-shaped piece of ruby or crimson jade may vary in size from that of a small locket to the size of a human fist. The heart is formed of two interlocking halves. If one half is placed inside a golem as it is being fashioned, then, after completion and activation, the possessor of the other half will have 100% control over the golem, so long as the half is on his or her person. The golem will not go berserk and cannot be controlled by another creature.
x.p. value: 2,000 g.p. value: 6,000

Talisman of protection from golems:
   Such talismans are made of varying materials appropriate to their sphere of control, but all are small (3 to six inches tall) and human shaped. All offer 10' radius protection from golems of the appropriate type, and give a +3 bonus to saves from that type of golem's attacks. All such talismans are effective against lesser golems of all types. Roll a 20-sided die to determine talisman type:

Die roll Material Golem type
1 obsidian black crystal
2 bone bone
3-5 glazed ceramic clay
6 porcelain doll
7-8 tanned human flesh flesh
9 petrified gargoyle gargoyle
10 glass glass
11-13 iron iron
14 steel mechanical
15 mercury-filled glass mercury
16 polished silver mirror
17-18 stone stone
19 stone and mortar wall
20 preserved zombie flesh zombie