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other skills
Web vision. Print experience.

    In a new medium cluttered with obtrusive graphics competing for the viewers' attention, the message can get lost behind the flash. Customers won't wait for showy gimmicks to download.
    In this medium, patience isn't a virtue; it's an unreasonable expectation.
    I am a web designer with a decade of newspaper layout and editing experience. I bring tried-and-true practices of editing and layout to a cutting-edge medium.
    I know that an incorrect link is as embarrassing as a misspelled word. And I know that people wouldn't pick up a newspaper if it took a minute to turn a page. I'll make sure your graphics look good and load quickly.

    My background involves writing as well as design. I can shape your content to fit your target audience. I'll proofread your copy and check it for accessability to the public.